Mail Order

Unlike our competition, we don’t own a mail order facility. So no mail order facility owns us.

As a provider of a prescription drug benefit, you have undoubtedly been concerned about the escalating costs of delivering Rx benefits to your members. Encouraging them to rely on a mail service pharmacy - particularly for long-term medications - ranks among the most powerful means available for capturing cost savings for you and for members, while improving their overall satisfaction with your pharmacy benefit. However, in today’s market, mail order discounts have lost their edge, as PharmAvail now has 90-day supply discounts available through its retail pharmacy network. However, our Mail Order Pharmacy Services can still help you realize cost savings compared with some retail networks through:

  • Deeper discounts off the average wholesale price of brand name drugs
  • Fewer dispensing fees because of the extended days' supply through mail order (typically 90 days versus 30 days at retail pharmacies)

In addition, your plan can see increased savings from:

  • Faster adoption of generic drugs
  • Improved formulary compliance rates

The two key mail order programs that can be used to your advantage are the Maintenance Drug Program and Over-the-counter product discounts.

Maintenance Drug Program

PharmAvail's Maintenance Program is designed for individuals using maintenance medications for the treatment of chronic or long-term conditions. Customarily health care plans allow for a maximum 90-day or 180-day supply of the maintenance medication to be dispensed at one time. The focus of this program is reduced co-payments to the health care plan member and additional savings for the health care plan. The Maintenance Drug Program is integrated with our retail network and offers experienced consultation, professional dispensing practices, timely deliveries and a proven commitment to customer service. 

Most plans require patients to obtain acute care medications or first-fills of up to 30-day supply from the local network pharmacy. By using the Maintenance Drug Program a 90-day supply of medication may be obtained for a single dispensing fee that is lower than the accumulated fees charged by the local pharmacy for the same medication and same time period. The Maintenance Drug Program gives participants the convenience of larger quantities, lower prices and direct home delivery of maintenance medications. Toll-free service allows participants and the prescribing physician access to customer service representatives and registered pharmacists. Plan sponsors recognize the potential savings incurred with reduced dispensing fees and lower contract pricing.

Over-the-Counter Product Discounts

Through PharmAvail's Mail Order network, members can shop online and choose from over 15,000 over-the-counter products such as health and beauty aids, vitamins, nutritional and home health care products. Other products include: non-prescription - antacids & laxatives, ear care, eye care, baby needs, deodorants, hair care, bath & body, cosmetic, skin care, vitamins, diabetic supplies, diagnostic products, first aid treatments and more. The online store offers thousands of brand name and specialty health and beauty products at competitive prices a wealth of health-related information, buying guides and other tools designed to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. All products are shipped to the member’s door within 48 hours of receiving the order. For more